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What are mouth guards?

A mouth guard is specifically designed to help protect your child’s smile. For nighttime mouth guards, you child will wear a custom-fitted appliance to help prevent the effects of bruxism (tooth grinding). For sports and other close-contact activities, a mouth guard helps to prevent injury and damage to your child’s teeth. Mouth guards are made to fit comfortably and easily over your existing teeth.

Why are mouth guards needed?

There are two types of mouth guards your child may need – one for nighttime wear, and a sports guard for physical activities.

Your child might need a mouth guard if they play close contact sports. For these types of sports, there is more of a chance of injury to the mouth and face than in other types of recreational activities. If your child starts playing competitive contact sports such as basketball, football, etc., we highly advise that they be fitted for a sports mouth guard. These sports mouth guards will help protect their adult teeth from fracturing, or any other contact-related trauma. While there are over-the-counter sports guards available, the comfort and fit of a custom-made guard is optimal for your child.

Additionally, if your child grinds their teeth at night, they will benefit from wearing a mouth guard that is designed to wear while they sleep.

Whether it’s a mouth guard or a sports mouth guard, these guards provide a cushion between and in front of your child’s teeth to prevent damage to their smile.

Who is a good candidate for mouth guards?

To determine if your child may need a mouth guard, we can perform an examination and ask about different activities that they may do while out of the dental office. If your child plays sports, we’ll suggest wearing a mouth guard to prevent future injuries and facial trauma. We can even examine your child’s teeth to check for signs of bruxism, and if we notice there is a problem, we will suggest wearing a nighttime mouth guard. Your child can have their mouth guard replaced at any time if it shows signs of wear.

What happens during the process for a mouth guard?

The mouth guard process is quick, easy, and convenient. Your child will first come into our office and have impressions taken. These detailed molds of your child’s teeth and gums allow us to create a customized mouth guard just for them. Later, once the mouthguards are designed, you and your child will come in to have the mouth guard fitted and adjusted to ensure that it’s comfortable. Most mouth guards can last for many years before replacement is needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about mouth guards and how they work, call our office today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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